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Newsflash – Abstract submission still possible for the Poster Session!

Thank you to all authors who submitted altogether more than 100 abstracts before the closing deadline! Although that deadline has now passed, and the schedule of presentations now prepared, we are able to accept Abstracts for the Poster Session until 14th April 2023. Please send your abstract using the paper template described below to the following email address: abstracts@eccc2023.com. We especially welcome MSc, PhD students to continue submitting abstracts for the Poster Session (special student author registration rates apply – courtesy of IoM3).

It is ECCC policy that a full paper for inclusion in the conference proceedings shall be submitted, reviewed and approved prior to your presentation at the conference. All abstracts will be reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee to ensure both relevance to the conference topics and quality of content.

Instructions for paper presentation

Authors of accepted abstracts have already been invited to submit a paper (deadline 28th February 2023) which will be peer reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee.

As more papers are submitted than can be accommodated for presentation at the conference, authors submitting after 15th December 2022 will most likely be invited for a poster presentation rather than a verbal presentation. The selection of verbal or poster presentation will be on balance of sessions rather than technical merit. There is no superiority of verbal versus poster presentation, and all will be included in the Conference Proceedings and/or journal.

Please see the paper submission template, which we would encourage all presenters to use. Please send your paper as a Word document in that template to the following email address: abstracts@eccc2023.com. Whilst there are no strict limits for paper length, a guide of a maximum of 10 pages is suggested. Please note that a reduction of page size to 75% of the original will occur for the Proceedings, so ensure that figure captions etc will remain readable.

We thank you again for your consideration of presenting at ECCC2023 and look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh on 22nd to 24th May 2023!


The abstracts booklet will be available during the event. ECCC will produce a Conference Proceedings free to all attendees, issued to attendees as soon as possible after the event. This will be an electronic publication but with a specified ISBN number. The Proceedings will also be available to purchase for non-registrants from the main ECCC website after the conference.

ECCC has an agreement with Materials at High Temperatures (publ. Taylor and Francis Online) for a Special Edition of the journal for papers of sufficient technical merit. These papers are being reviewed to a higher standard than for the main conference papers. This Special Edition should be available for publication shortly after the time of the conference. Those papers selected for publication in the journal will not be included in the Conference Proceedings as a full paper but will be included as an abstract, with reference to the special edition of the journal. Should you wish your paper to be included in the journal, please indicate on submission.

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